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by Infiniti Edge™

Platinum Xtra — Infinity Edge™

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Ultra sharp with 2 coats of Platinum

 We use 2 layers of a high grade premium platinum that tightly bonds to the edge much better than other diluted platinum coatings - creating an extremely hardend edge.  Our double platinum + teflon coated stainless steel double edge razor blades are one of the sharpest and longest lasting in the world.


Long Lasting Sharpens with Premium Teflon

 With the professional barber in mind, we knew that a razor blade that lasts longer than the shave does is important. Infinity Edge has a high grade coating of teflon that protects the edge from wearing down. Giving it an extremely long lifetime. You will be able to do multiple shaves with just a single edge. 


Consistent Quality From Blade to Blade

 As one of the top brands, our goal is to create a consistent level of high quality from begining to end. We ensure this quality by conducting random testing from blade to blade and box to box.  

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