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by Proxima

pulXar 360º Spin Machine

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pulXar 360º facial cleaner

Never use the same facial brush more than once!

Using the same brush? That’s gross...

Facial spin brushes are great... until you use them 2-3 times and realize that the brush is getting old and moldy fast. Our pulXar™ spin machine utilizes pre-dosed cotton puffs. No need to worry about buying the facial soap.

Get Clean and Clear Skin

Over time our skin builds up with oil, dirt and dead skin that packs into our pores. Gently remove dead skin, clear pores and prevent blackheads with pulXar™. Get visible results after just one use.

Robust Design

The pulXar Spin Machine has a 360 cleaning head with two speed options. It is built with a waterproof housing so that you can use it in the shower, or rinse it in the sink without fear of damaging the machine.

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