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by Proxima

Eye Patches

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Look well rested & younger.

With under eye collagen patches.

You work hard!

It's not your fault. The long stressful days at work get the best of us. So much so we tend to not even notice that we begin to wear it on our face! There are actually many reasons why we begin to develop dark tissues and blood vessels that begin to show from beneath our skin . Sleep deprivation, stress, aging, illness...etc.  However, we do not need to surrender to it! Our collagen patches reduce puffines by cooling off the skin under your eye while providing healing collagen back into the skin.

Wearing your sunglasses too often?

We all know the feeling when someone says the infamous "you look tired today" compliment. Sometimes even if you feel well rested and not tired at all you face can say something else entirely. Erase the tired look now. With regular use you will see results fast. With continued use your results will last!

If you look good, you feel good!

Combined with good sleep, a healthy diet and proper hydration you will get optimal results! Take good care of your face & skin! Get a 12 pack at half price when you purchase our pulXar™ spin machine. Use code: RESTED

pulXar Spin Machine

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